The main characteristics of the intelligent suspension fork
The main feature of the intelligent suspension fork is that when the driver pushes the suspension down, the suspension does not move, and during riding, when the road is uneven, the force transmitted from below can make the suspension Shock work.
When it comes to cycling, road bikes are the most ideal choice with fast speed and light weight, but considering the potholes on the suburban roads and the large number of stones scattered on the roadside, and reaching the destination (often rural) to the mountain For a trip, I think a mountain bike with a solid structure, relatively light weight, reliable transmission, and excellent shock absorption is the best choice for travel. Knowing the mountain bike parts, let's start with the front fork ...
Suspension sub-resistance rubber, spring, air pressure, hydraulic sub-springs are generally made in China or Taiwan, and are used for cheap, ordinary use (that is, only used for transportation). This type of shock has two poles: very It's soft / hard, some are so soft that it's already over half of the stroke, and some can't be pressed at all. If you are a bike enthusiast, you won't use this. This is also the lowest level of shock. Resistance glue is better than springs, and it is generally lighter than springs. It is easy to adjust and maintain. Air pressure is to use the pressure of the sealed gas to achieve shock absorption. The advantages are: light (because the source of resistance is gas, the weight of gas is How light, everyone knows) not afraid of aging. Oil pressure is to replace the resistance glue, spring, etc. with an oil pressure bile to achieve shock absorption. The advantage is that it does not require frequent cooking and is lighter than resistance glue.
Mountain bikes can be divided into several types. The main front suspension type, front and rear suspension type, and no suspension type. All these types of vehicles are designed for off-road in the field or mud. The characteristics of mountain bikes are There are sturdy rims, multi-ratio gear sets used to cope with a variety of types, powerful brakes, and handlebar transmissions. The front suspension device is a front fork with a pressure absorber, and the full suspension device It is more advantageous to have a second additional shock absorber to absorb the shock from the rear wheel. In addition to the obvious comfort brought by the shock absorber, the shock absorber also keeps the wheel stable in the direction of control, braking and acceleration Ground contact with the road.